Lehigh Valley’s Choice for Attic Ventilation

Prolong the life of your roof and your home.

Of all the reasons to ventilate an attic the most important is to preserve the structural integrity of the roof. At all times during the year, heat and moisture accumulate in every attic. When left uncontrolled, excess heat and moisture can result in significant damage to the roof and structure–reducing normal life expectancy. Proper ventilation validates some shingle manufacturers’ warranty and protects the investment in your home.

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Lower air-conditioning costs

Keeping your house cool can be a real challenge when your attic is too hot. The heat from the attic can find its way through the insulation or the A/C duct work to your living space, causing your air-conditioning system to run longer and work harder.

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Helps remove condensation in your attic

Cool evening air can create condensation that collects on insulation and wood during the summer. In the winter, moisture escaping from the home’s living space can condense in the attic on wood and insulation, which can lead to damaging rot and costly repairs. Wet insulation loses its effectiveness and can cultivate mold or mildew, cause stains or crumbled ceilings. A properly ventilated attic helps remove harmful moisture

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